An International Journal for Language and Linguistic Studies

ISSN 1475 - 8989

Volume Five Issue One - March 2006


A Stylistic and Pragmatic Study of Verb Phrase Anaphors in English and Japanese
by Chie Matsui, pp. 1 - 36

Some 'counting' properties of natural languages and their treatment in the AMS framework
by László Drienkó, pp. 37 - 57
Language is Culture - On Intercultural Communication
by Fengping Gao, pp. 58 - 67
Linguistic Analysis of Nicknames of Junior High School Students
by Chao-chih Liao, pp. 68 - 86
Sexism in Language
by Xiaolan Lei, pp. 87 - 94
The Art of Language
by George A. Senf, pp. 95 - 131
Explorations in Language and Literacy Learning: A Two-Year Case Study on a Nine-Year-Old Chinese-English Bilingual Child's Chinese Invented Spelling
by Ming-chung Yu, pp. 132 - 157
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