An International Journal for Language and Linguistic Studies

ISSN 1475 - 8989

Volume Three Issue Two - September 2004


Outlines of Agreement Syntax
by László Drienkó, pp. 154 - 181

The Feminine Identity in the Political Area: A Symbolic Route in Language Ecology
by Dina Maria Martins Ferreira, pp. 182 - 196
Different Realizations of Suggestions in TV Commercials from Japan and the USA
by Kota Ohata, pp. 197 - 212
Simple-Correspondent Transliteration through a Slavonic Latin Alphabet
by M.O. Vakulenko, pp. 213 - 228
Argument Structure of Deverbal Nouns in Brazilian Portuguese
by Roberto Gomes Camacho and Liliane Santana, pp. 229 - 242
The Relationship of Cohesion and Coherence: A Contrastive Study of English and Chinese
by Chun-Chun Yeh, pp. 243 - 260
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