An International Journal for Language and Linguistic Studies

ISSN 1475 - 8989

Volume Two Issue Two - September 2003


Lexical Conceptual Structure and Spanish Derivation
by Carlos Benavides, pp. 163 - 211

A Finite-State Tool for Nonfinite-State Phenomena: the Agreement Automaton
by László Drienkó, pp. 212 - 223
Factors Influencing the Language Choices of Malay Malaysians in the Family, Friendship and Market Domains
by Hafriza Burhanudeen, pp. 224 - 245
On there-sentences
by Yoichi Miyamoto, pp. 246 - 260
Theme as Constraining Force
by Alvin Leong Ping, pp. 261 - 282
Minimality and Scope Rigidity in English
by Eriko Sato, pp. 283 - 322
Origin and Remnants of the Dialects in England
by Zoltan Simon, pp. 323 - 359
On the Treatment of Japanese Light Verb Constructions
by Kenji Yokota, pp. 360 - 400
Applying Cognitive Classification Principles to the Study of Prepositions
by Melinda Tan, pp. 401 - 411
Dunbar, Rosslyn, and the Ordering of the Seven Deadly Sins
by Graeme Davis, pp. 412 - 418
Review Article
'And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche': Essays on Medieval English presented to Professor Matsuji Tajma on his Sixtieth Birthday, ed. M. Connolly & Y. Iyeiri
by Carrie Griffin, pp. 419 - 420
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