An International Journal for Language and Linguistic Studies

ISSN 1475 - 8989

Volume One Issue Three - July 2002




A Sociocognitive Approach to Modality and Conditional Constructions in Brazilian Portuguese
by Lilian Vieira Ferrari, pp. 218 - 238

"?il ?akl it-HaTT": The Ideology of Ergatives in ECA
by Bahaa-Eddin M. Mazid, pp. 239 - 259
Language and Inclusion in Schools in Brazil - Revisiting the National Curriculum Parameters
by Silvia Helena Barbi Cardoso and Regina Maria de Souza, pp. 260 - 277
Critical Literature Review on Motivation
by Takayuki Nakanishi, pp. 278 - 287
Achieving Learner Independence Using the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Approach
by Mary Thomas and Lai Pheng Chan, pp. 288 - 297
A Preliminary Corpus-Based Study on Genre-Specific Features in Restrictive Relative Clauses
by Toshinobu Nagamine, pp. 298 - 307
codex argenteus: lingua gotorum aut lingua gotica?
by Graeme Davis, pp. 308 - 313
The Perception-Production Relationship in the Acquisition of Second Language Vowel Contrasts
by Ewa Jacewicz, pp. 314 - 337
Review Article
Understanding Semantics, Sebastian Loebner
by Graeme Davis, p. 338
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