An International Journal for Language and Linguistic Studies

ISSN 1475 - 8989

Volume One Issue Two - April 2002




To Teach Intensively or not? - That is the Question!
by Damian Byrne, pp. 79 - 90

Descriptive Linguistics at the Millennium: Corpus Data as Authentic Language
by Robert de Beaugrande, pp. 91 - 131
EFL for Intercultural Understanding: Question - Answer Adjacency Pairs in Emailing versus Face-to-Face Conversation Experimental Studies on Taiwanese Students
by Chao - Chih Liao, pp. 132 - 168

Take Two Language Learners : a Case Study of the Learning Strategies of Two Successful Learners of English as a Second Language with Instrumental Motivation
by Pippa Macleod, pp. 169 - 195

Language Teaching Research: In the Literature, but not always in the Classroom
by Steve Schackne, pp. 196 - 209
The Udmurt Language: Notes on its Status and Survival
by Karl A. Bernhardt, pp. 210 - 215
Review Article

International English, Peter Trudgill and Jean Hannah
by Graeme Davis,
pp. 216 - 217

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