An International Journal for Language and Education Studies

ISSN 1740 - 4983

Volume Four Issue One - December 2006


Application of Blogging for Learner Development
by Galina Kavaliauskiene, Lilija Anusiene and Viktorija M
Is Communicative Language Teaching Practical in the Expanding Circle?: Case Study of Teachers of Shiraz High Schools and Institutes
by Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo and A. Mehdi Riazi
Effects of Topic Familiarity and Linguistic Difficulty on the Reading Strategies and Mental Representations of Nonnative Readers of Chinese
by Cecilia Chang

The Effects of Prior Instruction on Academic Writing in Singapore
by Renu Gupta

Addressing Self-Representation in Academic Writing in a Beginners' EAP Classroom
by Ramona Tang
Ideologies Governing Teaching the Language Skills in the Omani ELT System
by Ali S M Al-Issa
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