An International Journal for Language and Education Studies

ISSN 1740 - 4983

Volume Three Issue Two - September 2005


English Learning Preferences or Intermediate-Level Chinese College EFL Learners
by Li Jingquan, pp. 198 - 218
Comparative Analysis of Pairwork and Individual Assignments in Two ELT Classes
by Olcay Sert, pp. 219 - 232
L2 Learner's Beliefs: An Overview
by Zehra Gabillon, pp. 233 - 260

Teaching EFL Students about the Use of Non-Biased Language
by Justus J. Randolph, pp. 261 - 267

Bilingualism, Language Attitudes, Language Policy and Language Planning: A Sociolinguistic Perspective
by Theophilus Thisaphungo Mukhuba, pp. 268 - 278
The Role of Outcomes in Learning Communication Skills
by Emmanuel Mogoboya Matsebatlela, pp. 279 - 299
Testing Literacy at Tertiary Level: A Case Study
by Galina Kavaliauskiene, pp. 300 - 311
A Rationale For Passivity and De-Motivation Revealed: An Interpretation of Inventory Results Among Freshman English Students
by Stuart D. Warrington and David M. Jeffrey, pp. 312 - 335
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