An International Journal for Language and Education Studies

ISSN 1740 - 4983

Volume Three Issue One - March 2005


Many in one -- one in many: Towards construction of community in an electronic discussion forum
by Caroline M. L. Ho, pp. 1 - 35
The Language Question in the Arab World: Evidence from Algeria
by Hind Amel Mostari, pp. 36 - 52
Teacher and Student Satisfaction with Response Cards: A Qualitative Investigation in the Finnish as a Foreign Language Classroom
by Justus J. Randolph, pp. 53 - 66

Group dynamics in the intercultural classroom: - integration or disintegration?
by Edward Bressan, pp. 67 - 89

Syllable Weight and the Perception of Spanish Stress Placement by Second Language Learners
by Timothy L. Face, pp. 90 - 103
CLT - Beliefs and Practices
by Melinda Tan, pp. 104 - 115
What to Say and Write - or Not: A Vest-Pocket Language Primer
by Donald D. Hook, pp. 116 - 132
Language Anxiety from the Teacher's Perspective: Interviews with Seven Experienced ESL/EFL Teachers
by Kota Ohata, pp. 133 - 155
English or Singlish? The Syntactic Influences of Chinese and Malay on the Learning of English in Singapore
by Charlene Tan, pp. 156 - 179
Communication Problems Facing Arab Learners of English
by Ghaleb Rabab'ah, pp. 180 - 197
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