An International Journal for Language and Education Studies

ISSN 1740 - 4983

Volume Two Issue Two - September 2004
Discussion Article
ICT for the Teaching of Language and Literature
by Graeme Davis and Peter Huffam, pp. 60 - 64


Bilingual Education for Street Children in Kenya: Evidence from Language Mixing
by Julius Jwan and Nathan Oyori Ogechi, pp. 65 - 87
The Internet and EFL Teaching: The Reactions of UAE Secondary School English Language Teachers
by Amin AL-Mekhlafi, pp. 88 - 113
Unpacking Teacher Beliefs through Semi-Structured Interviewing: Insights into the Interviewing Process in Context
by John Adamson, pp. 114 - 128
First Person Twice Over: A Narrative on Peer-led Mentoring Between Two Assistant Professors of Language and Literacy by Lionel Lemarchand and George G. Hruby, pp. 129 - 141
Learning English in Multicultural Malaysia: Are Learners Motivated?
by Thang Siew Ming, pp. 142 - 153
Coaching a Student to Develop Coherence Based upon Topical Structure Analysis: A Case Study
by Yi-hui Florence Chiu, pp. 154 - 170
A New Look at Teaching Comparisons - a Corpus-Based Study
by Ute Knoch, pp. 171 - 185
Acoustic Analysis of Taiwanese Learners' Pronunciation in English Vowels
by Chia-Yi Li, pp. 186 - 201
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